Course and Fee Details

Dance: On an average 3 months are required to complete Choreography on one Song. Though if the group is too slow, it may take a longer time. As you grow as a dancer, you keep getting promoted to a higher level.

Acting: There is no course as such, but I will take you gradually from basics to Elementary and then advanced according to your capability. This art form requires lot of sensitivity as a human being. The more sensitive you are, more you grasp and get promoted to higher level.Less sensitive you are as a person, more time in training is needed. Both English language and Hindi language Acting are taught as per your choice.Elocution(art of speaking words clearly)is an integral part of training.

Fees is very affordable.

If you know people around you who can not afford even low fees of my classes, please spread the word that they are most welcome to join without payment of fees. Seats will be reserved for them.

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